Wild Turkey Russell's Reserve Bourbon

Wild Turkey Russell's Reserve Bourbon Photo

Jimmy Russell and his son, Associate Distiller Eddie Russell, have joined forces to create Russell’s Reserve Rye, a handcrafted six-year-old, small-batch rye whiskey, again showcasing their preeminence as America’s premier whiskey makers. With their combined 80 years of distilling experience, Jimmy and Eddie Russell have crafted a benchmark in rye whiskey – full-bodied and robust, yet uniquely smooth. Bottled at 90 proof, Russell’s Reserve Rye has a rich, tawny color with notes of almond and allspice. Its crisp, lively taste works in a smooth, complex palate, destined to impress whiskey aficionados with the possibility of an expertly crafted aged rye whiskey.

At the Wild Turkey Distillery, bourbon is a family tradition. Our Master Distiller Jimmy Russell follows his father and grandfather before him. His son, Eddie is a veritable newcomer, with just 20 years under his belt. Passing down the secrets of the distilling tradition from generation to generation is one of the things that has kept Wild Turkey true to the strictest standards in an era when so many others are willing to cut corners.

Jimmy Russell has always held the line on tradition. You’ll still see him, now joined by Eddie, early in the morning, inspecting shipments of grains as they come in, checking the stills, or wandering through the warehouses to make sure the barrels are getting the proper circulation.

Jimmy and Eddie recently realized they had more in common than just their family connection. “Both Eddie and I believe 10 years is a wonderful stage of maturity for a bourbon,” comments Jimmy. In fact, it was Eddie who suggested to Jimmy that they offer a special bottling for consumers to enjoy.

Russells' Reserve has been awarded a Silver Medal at the 2000 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.