W L Weller Wheated 19 Year Old Bourbon

W L Weller Wheated 19 Year Old Bourbon Photo

The distilling tradition of the Weller family harkens back to the earliest pioneering days. Weller & Sons was famous for being the first distiller to produce Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey using "wheat" instead of "rye" in the mash bill. The Wellers believe in the importance of aging whiskey and to this day the firm of W.L. Weller and Sons sells no whiskey that is younger than seven years old. The firm of W.L. Weller and Sons has won many awards for distilling outstanding Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. This 19 year old "Wheated" Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is the finest whiskey W.L. Weller and Sons has ever made. Malt Advocate rating: 94 Antique amber color with mature aromas rich in wood spices (vanilla, cinnamon, teaberry), and dates, with a hint of leather and sweet corn. Beginning with molasses and toffee notes, the soothing taste evolves to dried fruit, ultimately becoming spicy, with notes of vanilla and freshly ground pepper. Long smooth finish includes notes of oak and leather. "A beautiful array of wood spices and fruit. A big, mature, and very sophisticated whiskey that is on a very short list of America's finest Bourbons. It is also one of the oldest." -Malt Advocate Magazine-