Vya Sweet Vermouth

Imagine listening to a symphony. The great music reaches a crescendo. Uncontrollably, one begins to tingle and feel warm. This is the effect of Vya Sweet in the mouth. In contrast to the coolness of Vya extra dry, Vya sweet is warm and spicy, its bitter sweetness induces a mouth-watering effect, stimulating the appetite for foods to follow. Vya sweet is best enjoyed on the rocks, with a twist of orange, or in the perfect vermouth cocktail ("French Kiss"), mixed half and half with Vya extra dry. Sweet Vya makes a spectacular cocktail with sparkling wine. Pour about 20% Vya on top. Adds a great herbal flavor. Sweet Vya makes the world's greatest manhattans (a manhattan consists of 2 parts American bourbon and one part sweet vermouth). In fact, Maker's Mark did a competition on San Francisco for the Maker's Mark manhattan. Some 50 bars entered. The secret ingredient of winning one, Palomino Euro-bistro, was Vya sweet vermouth.