Vya Dry Vermouth

Imagine a forest in the spring after a rainstorm. The sun is shining, and as the plants warm, the air becomes filled with the scent of fresh cool forest plants. This is the aroma of Vya extra dry vermouth. Shut your eyes, inhale, and be transported. The beauty of Vya extra dry doesn't end with the aroma. The taste is equally special. The botanicals in Vya seem to awaken and stimulate the taste buds, enhancing enjoyment of food, and there is a round, complete mouth feel, exceedingly smooth for an 18% alcohol wine. So different is Vya extra dry from ordinary vermouth that we debated about even calling it "vermouth". But Vya fits the definition of vermouth (fortified wine with added botanicals) and can be used like other vermouth except with better results. One would never think of enjoying a typical dry vermouth as a table wine, but this is an excellent way to enjoy Vya. Serve as a white wine in stemmed glassware. It is an excellent accompaniment to appetizers, especially those which are a little salty, such as olives or caviar. Vya is also delicious served as a traditional dry vermouth, on the rocks. Vya harmonizes well with either gin or vodka, each brand of gin requiring a different proportion of Vya to make the perfect blend. We recommend wetter martinis, made with up to 1/3 Vya. They are softer and more satisfying than old fashioned dry martinis or straight gin or vodka.