Vincent Vodka Starry Night

Starry Night Liqueur derives its crisply luxurious orange flavor from a double-infusion of Spanish Valencia oranges and Mediterranean blood oranges. This blue-hued 50-proof mixer was created to blend with either Van Gogh Gin or Vincent Vodka to make an elegant Starry Night Martini. The blue color of the liqueur celebrates Van Gogh's most famous painting, "The Starry Night," in which a churning, swirling night sky is depicted in a remarkable range of blues. The Starry Night Martini is an intriguing pale blue. The Starry Night bottle depicts Van Gogh's most famous painting, "The Starry Night". Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh is a blue colored, orange flavored liqueur. The perfect Starry Night martini is a dash of this liqueur with Vincent Vodka or Van Gogh Gin. It makes a light blue, elegant martini with a taste that echos the Van Gogh perfection. Available this fall, only 5,000 collectible bottles will be produced for this "one time" release.