Vincent Van Gogh Oranje Vodka

Rated 94 by Wine Enthusiast Stroll through an orange grove by looking through our Oranje Vodka Bottle. The bottle shows an orange grove scene with mountains in the background. The colorful painting is magnified by the oranje vodka, creating a 3D effect. A combination of fresh Spanish Valencia oranges and Mediterranean blood oranges, is stacked in an underground(glass tile lined) tank and 196 proof alcohol is poured over the fruit, to remain for 6 weeks. The orange infused alcohol is siphoned off, filtered and stored in another tank. The fruit is removed and fresh fruit is placed in the tank. The already "high proof" infused alcohol is poured back into the tank and left for another 6 weeks. Again, the alcohol is siphoned off, filtered, reduced to 80 proof and finally stored in a separate tank. The Master Distiller adds the double infused flavored orange vodka to the Vincent vodka to make a perfect blend called Vincent Oranje. The name "Oranje" in Dutch means orange. Wine Enthusiast Magazine awarded Vincent Oranje a perfect 94 rating. Experience the harmony of color and flavor in Vincent Oranje Vodka reminiscent of the brilliant style in which Vincent Van Gogh painted his many orchard scenes. The multiple distillation has created a vodka with refinement, smoothness, and character as only found in handmade, small batch spirits.