Vedrenne Super Cassis

Vedrenne supercassis Since 1930, SUPERCASSIS has been the brand name for the most widely distributed quality blackcurrant cream liqueur both in France and abroad. Because of its clear and direct name, SUPERCASSIS is readily identified by the consumer for what it is: a superb product which surpasses all others of its kind. Superb for its naturalness Finest Burgundy blackcurrants (Noir de Bourgogne) and nothing else. VEDRENNE?s extreme proximity to the blackcurrant fields allows the fruit to be picked at optimum ripeness, when its bouquet is exceptional. Treated like a great wine, SUPERCASSIS is macerated in alcohol with extreme care, then pressed using the most modern equipment in order to maintain all of its strength and bouquet Superb in its richness SUPERCASSIS overflows with fruit, which contributes to its extraordinary bouquet, and to its unrivalled taste. SUPERCASSIS may be drunk neat of with ice. It combines well with still or sparkling wines. It may also be used in subtle sauces over ice-creams, sorbets, yoghourts, melons and cakes.