Van Hoo Vodka 1.0L

Vodkas are springing up from everywhere. They are easy to make, inexpensive to age (they don't), and are used in a multitude of cocktails. Most are good, but rarely do they rise to stellar heights Excellent vodkas come from the Low Countries: the Netherlands and Belguim to be precise. Van Hoo, in the village of Eeklo, is the oldest distillery in Belgium, producing since 1740. The owning Van Hoorebeke family provided the inspiration for Fourcroy to release the superb vodka. Tradition and modern technique blend in the quardruple distilled, charcoal filitered vodka. A combinations of continuous and pot stills are used. Van Hoo won a gold medal at the 1998 World Spirits Championships in Chicago. Out of 65 vodkas entered, including the leading sellers around the world. Van Hoo finished in the top three. 91 Points- World Wine Championships Moderately fukk-bodied. Juniper, citrus, mineral, and peppercorn aromas. Richly textured. Full, yet surprisingly soft on the palate with floral aromas and flavors coming through on the finish. One of the many top-shelf vodkas gaining in popularity.