Ultimat Vodka

Ultimat Vodka ?. is a blend of 3 distinct Polish Vodkas that are produced from potatoes for richness and body, wheat for light subtle smoothness, and rye for flavor and complexity. Married together to produce a crisp,smooth, elegant taste. The Ultimat Taste Experience. Ultimat Vodka? uses the most advanced distillation process known as the Hydro Selection. This process eliminates all impurities and captures the true delicate flavor of the spirit. The Ultimat Spirit. Ultimat is the first vodka to employ a Master Distiller to monitor each step of the distillation process and personally guarantee the elements that produce such an excellent taste, texture and clarity. Ultimat Vodka is produced unlike any other vodka in the world. Its crisp, clean taste is assured by the use of artesian well water and candle filtration. This results in flawless purity and its unique hydro-selection method of distillation ensures superb overall quality. Ultimat Decanter ?Is hand crafted using the finest Polish crystal with a deep, rich Cobalt Blue color, sealed with a natural cork enclosure.