TY KU Soju

TY KU Soju Photo

Asia’s best kept secret. TY KU Soju is a modern update of the ancient Asian beverage – one that is consumed by over 3 billion people and is the #1 distilled spirit in the world. TY KU Soju, produced from the finest Asian barley and pristine water, is multiple-distilled to achieve the highest quality product.

TY KU Soju unveils this traditional spirit to the modern calorie conscious consumer with a light, smooth taste and clean finish. Crafted with 100% premium barley and pure spring water, TY KU Soju is all natural, made with no sweeteners, preservatives or additives. TY KU Soju, which is lower in calories and more versatile than vodka is best enjoyed chilled. It is also a flavor catalyst that enhances ingredients without the need of added sugar, making better balanced, better tasting and lower calorie premium cocktails.

The Bottle The TY KU Soju bottle, with its striking blue transparent fading glass, is inspired by natural elements. Embodying the picturesque mist covered mountain ranges and the pristine blue waters of the Far East; the bottle maintains the distinctive iconic TY KU product line. With its beautiful packaging, TY KU Soju’s design reflects a genuine respect for this time honored spirit.

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