TY KU Premuim Liqueur

TY KU Premuim Liqueur Photo

TY KU Premium Liqueur is singlehandedly creating a new category for consumers who care about what they put in their bodies. Blending Soju, which is lower in calories and more versatile than vodka, with delicious Asian superfruits and teas.

It took TY KU years of dedicated exploration to source the purest waters, exotic superfruits and finest teas. These exceptional ingredients are masterfully combined to create a refreshing citrus taste that proved to be well worth the efforts.

The perfect blend of traditional Asian spirits with delicious superfruits and teas. TY KU Premium Liqueur combines soft citrus, fresh melon with the balance of teas and botanicals, added to the subtle structure of premium Asian spirits. The delicately blended taste finishes with a hint of ginger. The drink is versatile, ideal alone or as the main ingredient in today’s resurgence of crafted cocktails.

The Bottle: TY KU Premium Liqueur is a true showstopper as it is presented in the world’s only illuminating bottle and actually lights up when it is poured! Its striking design is also the recipient of multiple awards including the Five Star Five Diamond Award, BTI Gold Medals and the IF Product Design Award. The light jade color is a result of the exotic ingredients contained within the Liqueur - but also embodies the serene and pure tranquility of natural landscapes, as well as the cherished premium Asian gemstone.

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