Trump Vodka

Third generation master distiller, Jacques de Lat, at the Wanders Distillery in Holland, distills Trump Vodka. Unlike most vodkas, which use neutral grains as a base, Trump is distilled five times from select European wheat and stored in stainless steel tanks for 6 months. The distillate is then filtered through a carbon filtration process twice, run through a 9-column filtration process and carbon filtered twice more before resting in stainless steel tanks prior to bottling. The bottle itself is spectacular and it's evident that all of the Trump marketing was put to good use in its design. The golden bottle is a reminder of the power behind the Trump name and is reminiscent of the skyscrapers the real estate mogul is famous for constructing. Luxury is defined in the bottle by clean lines, two sides with a gold facade and a capital "T" on each side, ensuring one does not forget whose vodka they are drinking. Tasting Notes: The thin, clear spirit bears a clean, granular fragrance clearly defined by the wheat it was produced from. A smooth, transparent entry is a pleasant introduction to the warm palate that follows, which notably lacks any distinguishable flavor. As pleasant as all that sounds, the finish is disappointingly harsh with a lasting burn that is also nearly transparent, if not for the citrus undertone that stings the tongue.