Toucano Gold Cachaca 1.0L.

RUM TOUCANO * Rum Toucano is a type of rum from Brazil known as a Cachaca rum. Cachaca is to Brazil what tequila is to Mexico: the national beverage. Cachaca is produced from the first pure crush of the sugar cane--the whole juice--as opposed to being made from molasses, the by-product of the industrial refining of sugar, and the base of most rums. Ypioca of Fortaleza, the oldest Cachaca distillery in Brazil, produces Rum Toucano. The Telles family has operated their distillery in the tropical state of Ceara near the Amazon since 1846. Cachaca is far and away the most popular drink in Brazil. Rum Toucano is different from the average Cachaca because it is aged for two years in casks of oak and balsam, giving it a smoothness lacking in other Cachacas. Local craftsmen hand-weave the cane packaging from carnauba palm fronds. Rum Toucano uses post-consumer or renewable resources in all packaging and printed materials. The brand's owners maintain a sustained interest in a healthy environment and in the welfare of the Brazilian rainforest. In concert with leading conservation groups, funds from sales of Rum Toucano help to replant deforested areas of the rainforest.