Tormore Single Malt Scotch 12 Year Old

The Tormore Distillery produces a perfect malt for the contemporary taste. The spirit quality is enhanced by the copper purifiers on all eight stills, giving a subtle smoothness and balance to the whisky. The freshwater pearl mussels flourishing in the waters below the distillery are testament to the purity of The River Spey and its tributaties. A deliciously smooth malt of character and complexity, Tormore Distillery is the Pearl of Speyside. The name reflects its brilliant appearance and honours the freshwater pearl mussels flourishing in the pur clean waters of The River Spey. Tasting Notes: Colour: Autumn Gold Nose: Citrus notes, toasted almonds, spicy cinnamon and cloves Body: Medium Weight Palate: Dry, spicy with a zesty citrus tang Finish: Nicely rounded, complex, dry, long-lasting