Tommy Bahama Golden Sun Rum

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Tommy Bahama is a way of life. For years, customers have been enjoying the Tommy Bahama experience from luxury sportswear to elegant timepieces, fine furnishings to tropical cafes, Tommy Bahama has complemented the good times with good taste. Now, we invite you to sip into the good life with Tommy Bahama Rum.

Tommy Bahama Rum is an ultra-premium rum from the beautiful island of Barbados, the birthplace of rum. Made with clear, cool water and the finest molasses, Tommy Bahama is blended by our master distiller and aged in small batches. The result is a sublimely elegant rum.

Aged in small batches in oak barrels, Golden Sun is matured a minimum of three years. Distilled and bottled in Barbados, the most easterly of all the Caribbean islands, the combination of warm temperatures and cooling trade winds create a perfect rum-making environment. The family-owned distillery where White Sand and Golden Sun are created has been making award-winning rums for over 80 years and four generations. Golden Sun Rum has an elegant, fruity nose and a taste nuanced with hints of coffee, roasted nuts, and sweet pralines.

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