Three Olives Vodka

Winner of the 2000 Russian Life 3rd Annual Vodka Taste-Off The Taste-Off was attended by 125 Russophiles from all over the country, and was held on board the appropriately named cruise ship, "The Spirit of Ethan Allan II," during a 4 hour cruise on Vermont's Lake Champlain. This year's contest saw first-time participant 3 Olives Vodka from England pull off a stunning upset victory, while top-rated Russian vodkas Cristall and Stolichnaya came in a close 2nd and 3rd place, respectively. Meanwhile, last year's top vodka, Finlandia, fell to 13th place, while the well-respected Grey Goose (3rd place last year) brought up the rear. Some vodkas, notably Cristall, Stolichnaya and the American SKYY, all held on to their strong rankings of last year.

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