Thors Hammer Vodka

Thor's Hammer Vodka TM , the Vodka of the Gods TM, has charged into the marketplace with the power of Thor, the God of Thunder. Thor's Hammer TM is a triple distilled, 100% wheat based super-premium vodka with a look, feel and taste like no other vodka. What's the difference? The water. The special Ice Age water used in Thor's Hammer Vodka TM is from a subterranean lake formed during the Great Ice Age in Bollebygd, Sweden. The water has a high pH value which creates a unique mouthfeel and full-bodied taste that stands up to ice. Like a fine wine, this vodka has legs. The Thor's Hammer TM package is as bold as the Viking god that inspired its creation. Created in the shape of Thor?s Hammer by local Gothenburg artist Kimmo Hakonen, the bottle's broad shoulders, hammer insignia and classic cork closure ensure a commanding presence on shelves everywhere.