Thedford Colonial Style Bourbon

"When I settled in Kentucky in 1788, the thing I missed most about my old Virginia home was the bourbon - smooth, aged-in-wood, served straight from the cask. I had my father-in-law's yeast, so I decided to make some whiskey for myself. When it was ready for drinking, I shared some with friends and neighbors. They urged me to make more and soon I sold the farm and started distilling full time. I made my bourbon the way my father-in-law taught me to. Sweet limestone water, freshly harvested grains, Indian white corn and his special yeast produced a whiskey that surpassed anything I had ever tasted. I aged my bourbon in casks made from fresh oak straplings, so it can continue to mellow, absorbing the natural character of the oak, making for a full brimming taste. Soon all the taverns in the County were selling my whiskey fresh out of a cask." -Josiah Thedford-