The Macallan Single Malt Scotch 24 year - Old Malt Cas

In 1949 Fred Douglas Laing established Douglas Laing & Co primarily as a blender and bottler for his Scotch Whisky blends The King of Scots and Hose of Peers, which are available today internationally. Large stocks and reserves of aging Malts in particular, were laid down by Mr. Laing, many being guarded for 25 ? 30 years specifically for the older blends such as the 25 and 30 Year Old King of Scots. With more than 50 different Malts in stock, over the last 50 years from his filling programme, it was obvious that the Malt Master would have certain favorites. These have variously been chalked off at times of regular quality control, as being of particular qualitative interest; both commercially, and for the pleasure of the Directors. It has been their particular perk, benefit and privilege to nose and taste some of the finest quality samples indicative of the Distiller?s art. It was judged by the two current owners/directors (sons of the founder, so nepotism is not dead!) that some of these stocks were ?too good to blend?. And so the Old Malt Cask selection was developed in 1999 to extend those perks and benefits beyond the Director?s tasting suite! Initially it was felt that 50 different Malts commemorating the Company?s 50th Anniversary would be appropriate. That tally has now been exceeded but our preferred strength of 50% alc/vol is maintained. We believe this strength creates a fine, round, full quality for various Malts when taken ?neat?. It also allows the regular consumer to know precisely how much or little water should be added to this artisan and craftsman?s distillate. These selected Malt Whiskies have waited many years to reach their classic heights of quality. Not only with your health in mind, but with a view to greater enjoyment, may we suggest that in the style of our founder, whose signature endorses your Malt, you enjoy its glass leisurely and slowly.