The Bitter Truth Jerry Thomas Own Decanter Bitters

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In honour of professor Jerry Thomas, formerly the principal bartender at the Metropolitan Hotel, New York and at the Planters House, St. Louis.

"The Bitter Truth" was founded in 2006, by Stephan Berg and Alexander Hauck to offer bartender's a broader palette of cocktail seasoning from which to choose.

Bitters were originally a medicinal elixir. Bartenders soon began using bitters to add a distinctive character to the beverages they made. Bitter varieties available included brands like Stoughton's, Abbott's, Angostura, Peychaud's, Boker's and Hostetter's, to name a few, sadly, began disappearing after 1906 because of the "Pure Food and Drug Act". Bitter's could no longer claim any medicinal health benefits. Quickly followed by Prohibition and World War 2 the cocktail and cocktail bitters faded away.

The Bitter Truth saw an opportunity and decided to fill a need for high quality cocktail ingredients. Their products are 100% natural, without artificial ingredients, artificial coloring and without Glycerin. They use only the finest ingredients to satisfy the most discriminating palate.

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