Tequila Ocho Plata

Tequila Ocho Plata Photo

The Plata's agaves were harvested from the "Carvizal" estate nichnamed "La Laugacha"(The Strip) because it is long and thin. It sits at 1978 meters above sea level, two miles from the village of Avandos. It is notorious for intensely sweet agave. This estate appears in only 11088 bottles. The 2008 Plata has a sweetly floral nose with extra ripe agaves and candied fruit presenting themselves.

Tequila Ocho is the first ultra premium single estate tequila to be introduced into the United States Market in vintages. Ocho is the product of collaboration between third generation Tequilero Felipe Camarena and Thomas Estes, Ambassador of Tequila to Europe. What differentiates Ocho from other tequilas and makes it unique in its category is its rarity. Because of the time it takes an agave to mature, each estate’s fields cannot be replenished for almost ten years after each harvest, thus, making each vintage of Ocho an extremely limited and collectable tequila.

Ocho’s agaves will be sourced from “single estates” meaning a single piece of land with its own microclimate. Access to multiple estates, at highly varying altitudes will allow Ocho to showcase different nose and flavour characteristics through each vintage. The brand represents the unveiling of “terroir” as a genuine product concept in tequila and confirms that it exists as much in agave as it does in grapes. Ocho will be unique in it s delivery of complexity of character through it access to multiple estates at different altitudes in different climates.

While Ocho’s product concept is highly innovative; the process by which the tequila is made remains highly traditional. All agaves are slowed cooked in stone ovens and open-air fermentation in wood casks is an essential process. The artisnal approach is intensely handcrafted at every step of production including the packaging where each bottle is numbered by hand and stamped with the estate name of each vintage. The brand takes its name from the Spanish word for “eight” because through its double distillation process, there were eight possible recipes and the eighth formula was ultimately selected.