Tennessee Whiskey

Whiskey is by far one of the most popular spirits around. Not only it is the main ingredient in many drinks, it is also quite popular as a shot, alone, or on the rocks.

But, there are so many varieties available today, trying to choose one can take quite a long time. One popular choice that surely stands out from the rest is the American brand Tennessee whiskey. You might think that Tennessee whiskey is just a George Jones song. But, itís actually a spirit with a distinctive flavor that stands apart from other whiskey brands out there. In fact, in 1941, United States government officials recognized Tennessee whiskey as its own brand.

While in production, the spirit goes through a unique filtering stage that is referred to as the Lincoln County Process. This Process got its name from the original location of Jack Danielís distillery in Lincoln County, Tennessee. When Moore County was created in 1871, both the distillery and its neighboring areas were converted into the new county. During the Lincoln County Process, a substantial layer of maple charcoal is used to filter the whiskey prior to it being transferred to the casks in which it will be aged. The entire process takes around 10 days to finish.

Although Tennessee whiskey is thought to be very similar to bourbon, there are actually some differences. In order to be considered Tennessee whiskey, the spirit must be created in the state, as well as go through the Lincoln County Process.

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