Tanqueray Sterling Vodka 80 Proof

Tanqueray Sterling Vodka 80 Proof Photo

The claim of who distilled the first vodka has been a traditional dispute between the Russians and the Poles since the 8th century. Both countries claim to have given the spirit its name: "vodka" from the Russian word for "water" and "woda" from the Polish for "little water."

Vodka has always been distilled from the cheapest and most plentiful materials available, such as corn, wheat or, more famously, potatoes. Instead, Tanqueray Sterling vodka is made using a craft process extremely different from the factory methods used to make other vodkas. It is slower, laborious and more expensive, but allows maximum control over the quality.

Tanqueray Sterling vodka is made from pure grain spirit, distilled at high proof and carefully distilled a second time in a 220-year-old copper pot still. After the final distillation, the spirit is "cut" with water to give it the final desired 80 or 100 proof (40% or 50% alcohol).

Tanqueray Sterling vodka carries on the tradition of expertise, taste, status and unsurpassed quality already associated with the Tanqueray name, all of which combine to create the smooth, balanced body that one would expect from a premium quality vodka.