Talapa Mezcal Reposado

The newest 100% blue agave mezcal to hit the market is Talapa Mezcal Reposado from Crillon Importers, Ltd. Talapa Mezcal is produced using the traditional, original mezcal distillation methodology of Oaxaca, Mexico. Talapa Mezcal is packaged in a clear bottle with a debossed golden Aztec pyramid in its base and a small booklet neckhanger describing the product's history and production methods. "Yellow with a light golden cast. Wax, tar, lanolin, smoke, bouillon, and leather. Brawny texture. Bold, full-bodied. Very pungent, nearly rough, yet exotic. This has stuffing and power and will not be for everyone. The best match may be a medium-bodied Churchill. Is there an Islay Mezcal?" -Rated 88, Tastings.com