From soda to cocktails, syrups lend a sweet, sugary flavor like no other ingredient can.

Syrup is a thick, sweet, liquid created from a sugar base.

There are many varieties of syrups to choose from-chocolate, medicinal, maple, etc. and their uses are just as varied as their types. With so many to choose from, the flavors and uses are seemingly endless!

While some types of syrup are used for medicinal purposes, most are used in the creation of beverages.

Many beverages, both non-alcoholic and alcoholic, call for syrup. The reason is simple-granulated sugar doesnít easily dissolve into a cold liquid. So, if a drink needs to be sweetened, a syrup is the best way to do the job quickly and efficiently. The liquid can give a beverage sweetness and, depending on the type, can also flavor it.

The most basic of syrups is simple syrup, which is also referred to as bar syrup, simple sugar syrup, and sugar syrup. This type of syrup is created by adding granulated sugar to hot water, stirring the mixture until the sugar dissolves, and cooling the final product. The ratio of sugar to water usually ranges between 1:1 and 2:1.

Another type of syrup commonly used as an ingredient in mixed drinks is gomme syrup. Gomme syrup is created much like simple syrup by dissolving sugar into water. However, gum arabic is added, making the syrup an emulsifier. Unlike simple syrup, there is much more sugar than water in gomme syrup, giving it a very sweet flavor. The gum arabic gives the syrup a smooth texture while preventing the sugar from crystallizing.

For a more flavorful cocktail, you can choose to add a flavored syrup. Some available include vanilla, caramel, coffee, and fruits, just to name a few. You can even opt for a sugar-free variety!

Popular types of syrups used to create a beverage include:

  • Torani:
    Known as the original Italian syrup, Torani is most often used in flavoring coffee. However, with dozens of flavors to choose from, it is also a favorite behind the bar.
  • Grenadine:
    Pomegranates and red currants are used to create this strong syrup that is red in color. Grenadine is an ingredient found in many cocktail recipes because it not only lends sweetness, but also a great color. The most well-known type is Roseís Grenadine.
  • Trader Vicís:
    Trader Vicís syrups come in a variety of unique flavors. They are great as a cocktail ingredient or enjoyed on the rocks.
  • DaVinci Gourmet:
    Very similar to Torani, DaVinci syrups come in a variety of flavors that work well in specialty coffees recipes or cocktails.
  • Monin:
    With 100 flavors to choose from, Monin offers an extensive line for all your beverage needs.

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