Sweet Vermouth

While there are several types of vermouth to choose from, a popular choice is sweet vermouth.

Thought of most often to be a product of Italy, sweet vermouth is often red in color, although some brands will be white.

As the name suggests, the fortified spiced wine has a sweet flavor, which is probably derived from the upwards of 15% percent sugar that it contains. Sweet vermouth is usually anywhere from 30 to 32 proof, which is between 15 and 16 percent alcohol.

This type of vermouth is most often used in sweeter tasting cocktails, like a Manhattan. But, many enjoy it straight up or as an aperitif. The secret to a better tasting sweet vermouth is to serve it after it has been well chilled.

As is true when it comes to its dry counterpart, sweet vermouth is offered under several different brand names, making it difficult to figure out just which one is right for you and your palette. Youíll just have to try them all to find your favorite.

Cinzano Bianco is known for being delicate, fragrant, and also full-bodied. This brandís sweet vermouth can be used as an ingredient in your favorite cocktail or as an aperitif. However, it is recommended that, when serving or consuming this sweet vermouth, the aromatized wine should be well chilled beforehand.

Another type of sweet vermouth offered by the same brand is the simply named Cinzano Sweet Vermouth. This type of aromatized wine is amber-red in color. Itís full, rich bouquet is attributed to the select blend of spices and herbs used to infuse the liquid. This sweet vermouth does offer a bitter aftertaste, but is delicate enough to make a wonderful addition to the classic cocktail recipe. You donít have to mix this type of sweet vermouth with other ingredients to enjoy its flavor. Cinzano Sweet Vermouth is fabulous served with a splash of soda and the optional lemon peel or straight up.

Martini & Rossi is a brand known for its dry vermouth, as well as the following two sweet vermouth varieties.

Martini & Rossi Bianco first came onto the drinking scene in 1910. While most sweet vermouths are red, this type is considered to be white, although its color is actually that of soft straw. Bianco is quite sweet ad aromatic, and it is clear that there is a hint of vanilla present. You can expect a good blend of bitter and sweet with this type of sweet vermouth.

The second Martini & Rossi variety is Sweet Vermouth. This type was the first vermouth to be introduced by the M & R brand, having been in production since 1863 and making it the only brand of sweet vermouth that was offered to drinkers in the 19th century. This type of sweet vermouth has a more vivacious personality and is more perfumed than the brandís Bianco. It is also very unique because of the fact that it is amber/brown in color and has a noticeable herb presence.

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