Stretton's London Dry Gin

Stretton's London Dry Gin Photo

America’s new twist in Gin, Stretton’s London Dry, has been awarded the Best Gin in 2005 by Liquor Stretton’s London Dry Gin is made in South Africa and is quickly becoming a favorite with gin drinkers because of its unique manufacturing process. Stretton’s is produced from Cane and infused with juniper, citrus and coriander to create a well rounded smooth gin full of juniper flavor with an appealing hint of orange.

Stretton’s London Dry Gin is no stranger to awards. Stretton’s London Dry Gin was a gold medal winner in 2000 in Europe’s International Wine and Spirits Awards. Acclaimed South African wine and spirit judge, Dave Hughes, rates Stretton’s as “one of the best gins available on the local market”.

Stretton’s is made by Edward Snell and Company and has been making exceptional spirits, since 1848. For any gin drinker looking for an exceptional pure, clean tasting martini or gin and tonic with hints of tropical citrus flavor, Stretton’s London Dry Gin is your best bet.

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