Springbank Single Malt Scotch 21 Year Old

46% * This whisky is Springbank's flagship. This elegant, intense, and complex whisky has ferociously dedicated fans. Stocks are short and supply will be tight over the next few years. Whisky writer Jim Murray contributed these tasting notes. The nose has a salty pungency; the sherry is deeper and more dominant and a sweet maltiness filters through. On the palate, the whisky is markedly smoother, smokier and sweeter. The finish is complex: any number of tunes are being played at once, but nowhere near so loud or well defined as the 15 year old, with the sherry acting as the muffler. Heavy, earthy: a connoisseur's dram. WHISKY OF THE YEAR * "Springbank is often difficult to find, but those who enjoy the challenge of the hunt are rewarded handsomely. Being the classic Campbeltown malt, there is no mistaking the refreshing seasalt character instilled in the malt. This particular bottling is balanced and exceptional with great depth. This whisky expresses all the characteristics that make single malts so exciting: individuality, character and complexity." The Malt Advocate 19.1/20 Rating - The Los Angles Times, Nov. 1993 MOST PREFERRED AFTER DINNER DRINK-Decanter Magizine Three years running! 97 Rating - "Elegance and maturity. Our 'Whisky of the Year' two years ago and well deserved. This whisky remarkably maintains the zest of youth while still expressing the maturity and class of an older whisky, impeccably balanced, with notes of vanilla, lavender, brine, coconut and tropical fruit continually dancing on the palate. A must for anyone's drink cabinet." -The Malt Advocate