Springbank Single Malt Scotch 10 year

SPRINGBANK * 'The Benchmark for Single Malts' Over the years, various Mitchells opened five Campbeltown distilleries: Reichlachan(1825), Springbank(1828), Toberanrigh, Drumore 1834), and Glengyle(1872). J. & A. Mitchell insist that the entire production of its flagship whisky be undertaken at their own distillery, and that no outside hands contribute to the making of Springbank (locals put the emphasis gently on the second syllable, spring-BANK). Every drop of whisky made at Springbank is sold as a bottled single malt (as opposed to being sold in bulk as a blending malt), making this obsession with quality control understandable. Springbank is one of just two distilleries that bottle their whiskies at the source, using the original water for the reduction to bottling strength (when they reduce at all). Glenfiddich is the only other. Sprinbank is NEVER chill-filtered. Chill-filtration strips whisky of naturally occuriing esters, which ensures that the whisky remains clear upon chilling, but also strips many flavors out of the whisky. Instead, they bottle the whisky at 92* and let the higher proof stabilize the whisky. J. & A. Mitchell never adds caramel to Springbank for coloring or sweetening, and NEVER has. The color and flavor vary naturally from batch to batch, hinting at which kind of wood was used in aging. SPRINGBANK 10 YEAR OLD * Aromatic with hints of sweet fruit, honey and whiff of peat. Round with good depth considering the age. Slightly sherried. Smooth body, malty and sweet with a long satisfying finish. Good evidence of the legendary Springbank salt to satisfy the connoisseur. All in all an excellent malt with maturity well beyond its years.