Springbank 30 year Single Malt Scotch

46% * This whisky is also leaving the stage. All of the 30 year old that was bottled is in our warehouse. Springbank is using the remaining stocks to stretch supplies of the 21 year old. Accountants hate that sort of thing. The whisky features astounding concentration on the nose, with hints of everything from cinnamon to honey. The flavors explode on the palate, full and rich without being heavy in the least. This is the most spectacular bottling of a single malt whisky on the planet. 19.9/20 Rating Los Angeles Times 93 Rating "Joyfully decadent. Deep chestnut color. Chewy and quite thick in body. Rich succulent aroma of ripened pitted fruits, toffee, leather and oak. The Springbank signature struggles to fight through the sherry, but this is a great whisky in its own right. On the palate, rich, chewy toffee and complex ripened fruit envelop the palate. The flavors quickly turn dry with notes of leather and sandalwood, with some sea brine emerging in its joyfully long finish. A civilized way to end a fine meal." The Malt Advocate