Schramm Vodka

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Schramm Vodka is the only certified organic, artisan potato vodka handcrafted from Pemberton potatoes in the beautiful Pemberton Valley of British Columbia. It is an authentic ultra premium vodka that reflects the uniqueness of its raw ingredients and the personal attention, care and individuality of its Master Distiller.

Tasting Notes
Wonderfully complex and full- bodied vodka with a bold, rounded and remarkably smooth mouthfeel. Hints of pepper, vanilla, fruit, earthy potato, and subtle smokiness on the nose and palate. Finish is long and warming with a little spice (pepper).

The Process
Schramm Vodka is hand distilled in small batches to ensure that only the best quality collected spirit is used and that the rich character of the raw ingredients is retained. Every batch is lightly charcoal filtered and tested by the Master Distiller for smooth mouthfeel and ideal taste and aroma before hand-bottling. Schramm Vodka is all natural. Master Distiller, Tyler Schramm, trained in Edinburgh, Scotland at the leading school of brewing and distilling sciences and follows the traditional and all natural fermentation and distillation methods of Single Malt Scotch distilleries. No chemicals or synthetic additives are used in Schramm Vodka.

Pemberton Distillery
Pemberton Distillery is a family owned organic artisan distillery located in the beautiful Pemberton Valley of British Columbia. Our philosophy is to produce fine, distinctly regional organic spirits that highlight the character of the raw ingredients.

Schramm Vodka Trivia

  • Schramm Vodka is the only Certified Organic potato vodka in the world. We choose to use organic potatoes for their quality, taste, and for the environmental benefits of organic agriculture (potatoes are one of the most heavily pesticide-dependent food crops).
  • 99% of vodka is made from grain! Potato vodka is uncommon due to the extra costs and effort required to handle potatoes (a large bulky item). Good quality potato vodka is considered to be smoother, creamier, and more viscous than grain based vodkas.
  • Artisan vodkas are distilled in small batches for maximum purity, smooth mouth feel, and unique character. Schramm Vodka is an exceptionally smooth, full bodied vodka that is easy to sip neat and adds character and texture to cocktails and martinis.

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