Schoenauer Apple Schnapps


Try imported Schönauer Apfel Schnapps.

A delightful mix of crisp - clean apple juice and finest double distilled grain spirits. Apfel-korn at its best.

Best enjoyed chilled as a shot, on the rocks with club soda or in a variety of other mixed drinks.

Big Apple
- 3 parts Schönauer, 4-6 parts club soda, lemon wedge.
Pour Schönauer over ice, squeeze in lemon juice, add wedge and stir well.
Pour in soda and stir.

Wild Fire
- 1 1/2 oz Schönauer, splash cranberry juice, soda water.
Pour in chilled glass over ice, garnish with lemon slice.

Happy Apple
- 2 1/2 oz Schönauer, 1 oz vodka, light splash of club soda.
Pour Schönauer and vodka over ice in a tall glass.
Stir well add club soda.