Sandeman 20 Year Old Port

Sandeman 20 Year Old Port Photo

Sandeman 20 Years-Old Tawny Port exhibits an elegant combination of flavors including hints of dried apricots and honey, nuts, spices and vanilla. The Port is excellent with a rich appetizer or nutty desserts.

Unlike other still wines, Port wine’s fermentation is stopped early with the addition of a neutral wine alcohol at a ratio of 1-to-5. When Port has fermented to the optimal time, the must is taken into a storage vat and the neutral wine, called brandy, is added. Winemakers add chilled brandy to ensure optimal fruit and color, and to give the fortified wine its naturally sweet flavor. Specially selected Ports are chosen for aging in wooden casks, where exposure to air gradually concentrates the fruit and turns the color from ruby to amber, producing a rare and delicious Tawny Port. Each year, the wines are racked off their lees and blended together. The blended lots are then refreshed with younger wines to maintain their freshness and then returned to the casks.