Saaga 1763 Vodka

Saaga 1763, is an ultra premium vodka that does it right because they do it slow. Saaga is made in Estonia from heirloom rye harvested and slow distilled to create a sipping vodka of incomparable smoothness, taste and quality.

Manufactured unlike any other vodka on the market, its slow distillation process means no filtration takes place (the only vodka with this verifiable method). Given this, Saaga 1763 aims to dispel the myth about filtration and multi-distillation – how most vodka is produced – and why doing it slow makes the difference in brand quality, purity and taste.

It takes up to four months to produce one liter of Saaga 1763 while most other vodkas take as little as 24 hours. Their long-term procedure based in the original 1763 tradition yields not only a pure spirit of integrity but one that retains the original rye flavor. Modern technology also plays a role. State-of-the-art Spectral Florescence Technology is used to select only the most robust of grains; the “vital” 90% winter rye and 10% wheat is then carefully dried and stored. Saaga contains no additives, only osmosis-filtered spring water purified by Estonian limestone.

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