Royal Combier Grande Liqueur

Royal Combier Grande Liqueur Photo

Royal Combier is a harmonious blend of triple sec, cognac and arguably the most famous of all French hygienic liqueurs in the 19th century, Elixir de Combier (which includes ingredients such as aloe, nutmeg, myrrh, cardamom, cinnamon and saffron). The final result is an exotic and complex blend that received a gold medal at the highly acclaimed Metz's International Eaux-de-Vie competition.

Royal’s rich composition is prepared in Combier’s historic inner chambers surrounded by the age and warmth of century old copper stills used by the original Combier family and created by Gustave Eiffel. The recipe is derived by the triple-distillation process that originated in 1834, whereby the ingredients are three times distilled in the 19th century copper vats. The copper and age of the stills add depth, while the triple-distillation process ensures that Combier produces only the most pure and aromatic liqueur.

For the U.S. launch, Combier has redesigned Royal’s bottle. Black frosted glass with accents of Combier’s iconic orange on the label bring a modern look to this historic liqueur. Through the label’s image of the horseman, Royal Combier pays homage to the world renowned 16th century cavalry school, Cadre Noir, which shares its heritage as a local institution in Saumur. The equestrian’s pose, “Combier Curvet,” serves as a reminder of the mutual admiration between Combier and the world-renowned riding school.

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