Rosebank Single Malt Scotch 10 Year Murray McDavid

This is the classic Lowland malt. Yes, it is young, but: "If you ever find one aged 8, re-mortgage the house for it", extols Jim Murray of the Complete Guide to Whisky. So here it is, widely acknowledged as the finest of the Lowland malts. It was partially triple-distilled, which has enhanced its great charm and elegance. Closed in 1993 among rumours of a property deal; an ignominious end but then as its owner, Guinness, exhorts "not everything in black and white makes sense". Pale, very pale. The absence of colour does not, however, signify absence of flavour. A light sweet grassy nose greets you followed by a honey, malty and gently spicy flavour. Citrus fruit abounds. A warm dry finish ends this unique Lowland experience.