RMS QE Brandy

"For the gods, the dreamers ... and the romantics" ... Quality Extrordinaire ... alluring dark color, waves of mild caramel, black pepper, ripe red apple, cinnamon, honey and butterscotch. "National Champion Brandy" -- Wine Enthusiast. Produced one batch at a time, alambic brandy is double distilled. This is in marked contrast to most California brandies which undergo single distillation in continuous column stills. From the first distillation, the brandy maker takes the heart, or the middle portion, known as the "broullis." This portion is distilled a second time. The heart of the second distillation, or "eau de vie" is then carefully selected for aging in Limousin oak barrels. For every ten gallon of wine distilled, only one gallon of brandy is produced.