Riedel Vinum Cuvee Prestige 2 Pack

The Ultimate name in wine glasses for the wine enthusiast. Riedel wine glasses are individually designed for each specific grape type. To fully appreciate the personality of different grape varieties and subtle character of wines, it is essential to have an appropriately fine tuned glass shape. The shape is responsible for the flow of the wine and consequently where it touches the various taste zones of the tongue. The initial point of contact depends on the shape and volume of the glass, diameter of the rim, and its finish. (whether it is cut and polished or rolled edge) as well as the thickness of the crystal.

As you put your wine glass to your lips, your taste buds are on alert. Once the tongue is in contact with the wine three messages are transmitted at the same time: temperature, texture, and taste. Wine is composed of different elements: fruit, acidity, mineral components, tannin, and alcohol. The combination of the sense of smell and taste leads into the wonderful world of flavor.

The magic of this glass is its ability to highlight the full spectrum of aromas and flavors offered by fine champagnes and sparkling wines while preserving their elegant effervescence. Bubbles pose a challenge. How do you keep the sparkle in sparkling wine? The solution lies at the bottom of each Vinum Prestige Cuvée Flute. Etched into each is a small dot, the purpose of which is to provide a slightly abraded surface that serves to generate a continuous stream of bubbles and prevent the champagne from going flat in the glass. Designed to highlight the bouquet of champagne, this light and well-balanced glass accentuates the complexity and richness of vintage champagnes and prestige cuvées. Recommended for: Prestige Cuvée, Rosé Champagne, Vintage Champagne, Vintage sparkling wine.

The Vinum Cuvee Prestige Glass has a of height 218mm or 8 5/8in. and capacity of 230ccm or 8 1/8oz.