Remy Martin Grand Cru Cognac

Remy Martin Grand Cru Cognac Photo

Grand Cru is the higher standard in V.S. cognac as it contains 100% Petite Champagne. Easily mixable, Grand Cru is the distinctive and flavour-some cognac, ideal to be enjoyed at any moment.

Thanks to its Petite Champagne origin, its versatility suits a wide range of long drinks and cocktails.

  • The blend: 100% Petite Champagne
  • The colour: Rich mahogany
  • The aromas and flavours:
    Floral notes: Lime blossom, fresh apple, pear, bush peach, vanilla, hints of liquorice, fresh mint
  • The texture: Soft, fresh, mouthfilling
  • The finish: Flavoursome and fresh. Ideal mixer in any occasions