Remy Martin 1988 Vintage Premier Cru Cognac

Remy Martin 1988 Vintage Premier Cru Cognac Photo

Rémy Martin 1988 Vintage Premier Cru is a limited edition Grande Champagne cognac, from the harvest of a single unique year. 1988 was a year of extreme weather conditions in Cognac with particularly heavy rainfall resulting in an unusually small harvest.

The Rémy Martin cellar master selected just four lots of eaux-de-vie out of a thousand and set them aside. Rémy Martin has chosen to release this rare 1988 Vintage at the point it reached 45% alcohol – after 18 years in Limousin oak casks. This ensures that the opulence, the harmony and the length create the optimum aromatic intensity.

  • The blend: 100% Grande Champagne
  • The colour: Golden amber
  • The aromas and flavours:
    Fruity notes: Ripe peaches and pears
    Floral notes: Baked tart
    Oak notes: Rich brioche-like aromas of intense vanilla
  • The texture: Melts in the mouth
  • The finish: Exceptionally long and succulent flavour