Pyrat Planters Rum Cask 1623


PYRAT rums are blended and produced on the island of Anguilla in the British West Indies. In addition to the current facility Anguilla Rums is building an authentic stone rum blending complex on the beach at Road Bay, Anguilla. Rum has always played an important role in Anguilla's history.


CJ Planter, as a wily young English sailor, jumped ship on a remote Caribbean island somewhere in the late 1800s. He soon fell in love with a beautiful young island girl reported to be the illegitimate daughter of a prominent cane grower. Rumor holds that she was conceived one wild full moon carnival night from a rum impassioned affair. The grower became quite fond of CJ and treated him as a son. Through mysterious circumstances, the kindly old grower died one night in a fire at his plantation house. Unbeknownst to the community, the old planter having no immediate family, willed his holdings to CJ and his Caribbean wife. CJ's mother in law, rumored to dabble in magic and witchcraft, suggested to her daughter that the island needed a fine local rum. CJ and his wife built the first rum factory on the island. Their rum became highly prized throughout the Caribbean and Europe, often being hoarded and traded by famous pirates and merchant seamen. Many said that the rum held mystical powers. CJ, having traveled extensively before finding his home in the Caribbean, knew that rum had originated in the Orient. Subsequently, it was decided that they needed a mascot for their new rum. CJ being a poet and philosopher by nature, reasoned that their mascot should be HOTI (pronounced Ho-Tie), the famous Zen patron saint and protector of little children, fortune tellers, and bartenders. Coincidentally this created the perfect irony, since many of their discerning customers were the worldly and infamous pirates and rogues of the day.

Over time their most famous brands became Planters Gold Pyrat XO Reserve and Pyrat Cask 23. Anguilla Rums, Ltd. strives to bring you the original blends and formulas as created by CJ and his beautiful Caribbean wife. Anguilla Rums, Ltd. is committed to creating ultra premium and uniquely delicious rums. We sincerely hope you enjoy our fine products.


Over the last 10 years Anguilla Rums has negotiated the purchase of delicious aged rums from some of the Caribbean's finest rum producers. These high quality rums are carefully and uniquely blended and aged in special imported oak barrels. Anguilla Rums blends its rums for uniqueness of flavor, body, aroma and color. Various aged rums are used for each blend.


This is a very fine aged dark amber rum similar in color and body to a rare cognac. "Cask 23" is a rare limited production rum. It is packaged in an incense cedar box and a numbered hand blown decanter. Great for sipping along with a fine cigar.