Pussers Rum John Paul Jones Decanter 1.0L

Decanters had their beginnings in the early naval sailing ships, and it would have been an exception to have found a captain's cabin without one - from the smallest to the largest vessel. This decanter has been designed and produced by Pusser's Ltd., bottlers of British Navy Pusser's Rum. For more than 300 years, Britain's Royal Navy dispensed a daily issue of Pusser's Rum on board their ships. The U.S. Navy followed the same custom until its rum issue was abolished in 1914. However, the Royal Navy's tradition continued through July 31st, 1970, on which day the last "tot" of Pusser's Rum was drunk officially on board Her Majesty's Ships. Until recently, Pusser's Rum was not available to the public. Now with the Admiralty's permission, this superb rum is offered commercially in glass bottles and in a Royal Navy ceramic ship's decanter. The Royal Navy Sailors' Fund, a naval charity, benefits from the sale of the rum and the decanters. It was suggested that Pusser's should undertake a similar project for a U.S. naval charity, from whence the "John Paul Jones" decanter project had its beginning. Consequently, the U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation receives a significant donation from the sale of each U.S. Navy & Marine Corps Decanter. The next time you purchase a bottle of rum, we ask that you try our British Navy Pusser's Rum, sometimes alluded to as "Liquid History." Its quality and rich, distinctive flavour are unsurpassed. It's our hope that you'll enjoy our rum, and the beauty of this decanter, for many years to come.

CAUTION - Due to small size differences in the neck of the bottle and the cork stopper, this product is prone to seepage during shipment. We will make every attempt to ship the product so it will not leak during transit but we will not honor any claims for leaking bottles. Do not order this product unless you agree to our terms.