Prichards Rum

Join The Whiskey Rebellion Mention rum today and you may think of fruit juice and paper umbrellas. Light on flavor, the tropical drinks of today bear little resemblance to rum as it was meant to be. We invite you to join the whiskey rebellion and join us in celebration of the American Spirit and its colorful history. As old as our nation itself, rum played a role in shaping the economic and political future of the New England distillery centers. Made in copper pot stills similar in design and using techniques of the masters of old, Prichards' Fine Rum may be an accurate recreation of that ancient spirit and return to tradition of distilling hand crafted spirits and rum as it was meant to be. Made With Good Water And The Finest Molasses Everyone knows it takes good water to make the finest spirits. That's why Prichards' Fine Rum uses only crystal clear Tennessee spring water. What folks do not know is that many rums are made from black strap molasses, the bitter residue from the processing of granulated sugar. To make Prichards' Fine Rum, we use only premium, "Grade A Fancy" molasses from the plantations of Louisiana. Considerably more expensive, its mild flavor and pleasant aroma are passed through the still imparting a smooth and tasteful character to the finished spirit.