Prichards Cranberry Rum

Prichard?s Cranberry Rum: Made with pure Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice, Prichard?s Cranberry Rum is sure to be a favorite for all seasons. A very attractive package, our cranberry rum is bottled in our traditional rum bottle. The label is gold foil and the bottle is sealed with a cranberry colored capsule with our usual gold ribbon and seal. The most important thing to remember about Prichard?s Cranberry Rum is it does not say Cranberry Liqueur on the label. Cranberries have a very delicate flavor, easily overpowered by other flavors. Our Cranberry Rum is bottle at 70 Proof and made to stand up to ice as a stand alone cocktail. As a liqueur, the alcohol is a dominate flavor and while some folks may prefer it straight up, most find pouring it over ice, preferable.