Poirelle Liqueur Liqueur XO From Cognac

Poirelle Liqueur is the only pear liqueur in the world blended with fine, old XO cognac. Pear liqueur is much smoother than other fruit liqueurs, so its flavor comines easily with the ocmplexity of the XO cognac, to achieve an unmatched liqueur of amazing delicacy, subtley, smoothness and flavor, which will delight any palate. Maison Roullet-Fransacs cellar master uses XO cognacs aged in old oak casks so tha the cognac does not absorb much tannin. THus, the blended Poirelle has a delicate touch of cognac in the pear liqueur. Poirelle is fantastic by itself, chilled, or added to coffee or club soda. It leaves the palate fresh, without the lingering, cloying sweetness in most liqueurs.