Pirapora Cachaca

Three years aged in "Amendiom" wood barrells, Pirapora is considered the highest quality Cachaca in Brazil. The Purity of Cachaca.... Cachaca is fermented and distilled from "Pure" sugar cane juice, filtered and bottled. Ampaq Quality Seal Each bottle has its quality number on the seal. "Minas Gerais Association of Quality Cachaca Producers" Some History... Cachaca Pirapora is produced in the Miramba Farm, City of Pirapora. Long ago, the Brazilian government imported 3 genuine "Mississippi river boats". Cachaca brings one of the boats to it's label. The Difference Between Cachaca and Rum... Cachaca is fermented and distilled from pure sugar cane juice. While rum is distilled from molasses, a by-product of the sugar obtaining process. Thus Cachaca is a purer product than rum.