Pierre Ferrand Cognac Vintage 1973

Cognac Pierre Ferrand has released its special Memoire Vintage. Only a few bottles of each vintage ? 1970, 1971, 1973 ? will be released worldwide. These special Grande Champagne cognacs are bottled in a replica of the bottle used by Cognac Ferrand in 1900. The heavy glass bottle with a deep punt is etched with the words ?Cognac Pierre Ferrand? and ?Memoire?. A hand-written parchment label shows the vintage. Each small lot has been certified by a Huissier de Justice, the most respected level of authentication under French law. Each bottle is numbered and signed by the cellarmaster and comes in a dark mahogany box adorned with an etched brass plate. A certificate of authenticity accompanies each bottle. Cognac Ferrand maintains stocks of vintage cognacs in bonded warehouses. These strategic stocks are normally used as part of the blends and are periodically tasted to evaluate their evolution. After a recent tasting, partners Alexandre Gabriel and Jean Dominique Andreu, together with their cellarmaster Patrick Giudicelli, deemed 5 casks of each of these three vintages worthy of bottling as a single vintage cognac. Grande Champagne cognacs usually reach their prime at around 30 ? 50 years of age. When they tasted these three vintages they knew that they had three absolutely superlative, memorable cognacs.