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Pages Pure Grape Sugar Syrup is 100% natural, contains no additives and is produced from Charente vineyard grapes. The musts are carefully filtered, then heated in a depressurized boiler in order to obtain a lower boiling temperature threshold, preventing the sugar from caramelizing. After the water evaporates a pure,colorless 67 brix syrup remains, composed of 33% fructose, 33% glucose and 34% water. The aroma of light honey and fresh grape is unequaled. Grape sugar syrup is 20% sweeter than traditional sugar, and as a liquid is easy to store and measure. As a taste enhancer, this delightful syrup is a perfect addition to cocktails asking for simple syrup. Try it in your favorite Pisco Sour and Margarita recipes. not only are flavors and aromas accentuated - lemon in particular - it tones down citrus acidity as well. Pages syrup is terrific in cooking - ideal for sorbet, ice cream, fruit salads and baking. Pagès Pure Grape Sugar Syrup is absolutely unique in the marketplace.

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