Otard XO Cognac

The Otard XO Gold draws its personality from a blend of Grande Champagne eaux-de-vie. It is rounded off with the Borderies which lend it the finesse of a delicately floral aroma, and by the Fins Bois which give it its vigour. The Otard XO Gold is aged for many long years in oak barrels to take on its splendid amber, red and golden colours. Its roundness reveals a wealth of aromas firmly set in the Charente tradition of the "rancio", a rich harmony of early morning mushrooms and cheese, backed by touches of hazelnut and leather, through which hints of honey can be perceived. The Borderies bring that touch of floral lightness with their fragrance of violets. The Otard XO Gold is best enjoyed neat, as an after-dinner drink, to savour the fullness of its aromas and remarkable length on the palate.