Oro Azul Tequila Reposado Artesenal

At the end of century XIX, Don Pedro Camarena, was pioneering in the culture of agave in the region of the Stops of Jalisco, and, in Acumbaro, municipality of Jesus Maria, Jalisco, insralo the first distiller of tequila in the zone. With the experience of five generations, proudly we offer " Ozo Azul " tequila made in Jesus Maria, in the region but elevated of the Stops of Jaliso, crystalline water place and transparent air in where we amalgamated the accumulated knowledge in but of a century in agave seedtime and the manufacture of the Tequila, with an artisan procedure where we protected the systems of processing and materials that the producers of tequila in the antiguedad used. When safeguard usanza primitive in " Ozo Azul" manufacture we obtain a drink of intense and distinguishing flavor.